Die Abstimmung, die über das weitere Schicksal der Streuner-Tiere in Bosnien- Herzegowina

UPDATE vom 2.11.13

On 20th November there will be second reading in the House of Representatives. If the changes are adopted at that reading, then it will go to the House of Peoples. If it is adopted at the House of Peoples, the changes of the Law are adopted and they will be enacted.

Unseren Infos nach soll Folgendes gelten:

Bereits am 20. November findet die 2. Lesung im Abgeordnetenhaus in Bosnien-Herzegowina statt. Unter der Voraussetzung, dass die Änderung des Gesetzes angenommen wird, geht dieses weiter ins Haus der Völker. Wird die Änderung des Gesetzes dort ebenfalls angenommen, gilt das neue Gesetz, und die Tötung aller Straßentiere ist gesetzlich erlaubt!!!

UPDATE vom 27.10.2013

Die Abstimmung im Parlament von BiH über eine mögliche Einführung der Euthanasie von Streunern wurde aus Zeitgründen auf MONTAG, den 28.10.2013, verschoben.

entscheiden wird, findet bereits am kommen Donnerstag statt!! – VERSCHOBEN AUF 28.10.2013

Somit wird am 28.10.2013 abgestimmt, ob in BiH, ebenso wie in Rumänien, das unselige Gesetz eingeführt wird, dass alle Tiere, die in einem Tierheim aufgefangen werden, nach 14 Tagen getötet werden dürfen, sollten sie in dieser Zeit kein Zuhause gefunden haben.

Was das an schrecklichen Auswüchsen und Brutalitäten in Rumänien zur Folge hat, ist überall im Internet, auf FB, etc. nachzulesen!

In diesem Zusammenhang hat sich auch unser Pater Anthony zu Wort gemeldet und einen eindringlichen Appell an die verantwortlichen Politiker in BiH gesandt!

Hier das Original :

To The Right Honourable Members of Parliament in BiH,

Several months of political and media campaigning to eradicate stray animals culminated in the presidential house of parliament in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) when Nermina Zaimović – Uzunović representative of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) put forward the disgraceful decree to euthanize healthy stray dogs in shelters for animals after a period of 14 days if they are not re-homed.

The implementation of law on the protection and welfare of animals in BiH from the moment it was passed in 2009 has been obstructed by local authorities and authorized official veterinaries. The existing law is implementable and functional, as the House of ministers (BiH) concluded on the 21st of May at its’ fiftieth meeting, when it adopted the Information about the implementation of the law.

The cause of the problem is the continual abandonment of house pets which occurs without punishment. Uncontrolled reproduction results in the growth of the existing population. The situation is worsened by the absence of a systematic information – education campaign, area control and a central registry.

No attempt has been made to systematically identify owners of home pets or their micro-chips. There is a very low level of the use of micro-chips. As a result of this, inspection bodies cannot prove ownership nor enforce sanctions for the intentional abandonment of house pets by their original owners. There is neither integral registry of house pet owners nor a registry of micro-chipped animals in BiH. This is compulsory for entry of BiH into the EU. There is no registry of breeders. Illegal breeding of animals gives impetus to the problem and increases the number of abandoned purebred dogs by irresponsible or non registered breeders.

Local government bodies intentionally ignore the cause of the problem at hand and only speak of the effects of the problem in order to cover up and avoid any responsibility for the complete lack of work by local governments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, inspection bodies, professionals and all those responsible in any way for the implementation of the law. Shelters and hygiene services required by the law and acts of the law have not been established. The shelters which exist are below standard or are privately owned and not legally established and promote forbidden practices. There has been a very low level of sterilization and castration which is the cheapest and most effective way to prevent the problem. There has been resistance to the implementation of the law at ground level which aims to put an end to poor practices which have been going on for many years. There has been neither will nor desire to make these changes which according to the law are mandatory. Local councils, veterinary surgeons and other responsible bodies must take responsibility for the implementation of the law.

Infringement of article 30 (Financing of shelters and hygiene services) of the Law on animal protection and welfare BiH which demands construction and maintenance of shelters for stray animals, councils and cities deny with the excuse of poor financial situation in Bosnia. Although we are witnesses of misuse of public funds on a daily basis in this state, financing of shelters is a duty by law and yet nothing is done. Monthly costs of keeping a dog in a shelter are about 50KM, depending on the health, size and nature of the dog. If fines were dealt for those who break the law regarding the protection and welfare of animals in BiH, this money could be used for the construction and maintenance of shelters for stray animals. If financial resources in this state were used lawfully as they were allocated, then there would be sufficient funds for the construction and maintenance of shelters for stray animals.

Stating that the life of one child is more important than all the stray dogs, is avoiding the issue and quite irrelevant. The issue of children is wrongly used for the purpose of brutally eradicating poor stray animals that cannot defend themselves. Children are at far greater risk of being exposed and harmed by pedophiles, drug users, alcoholics, and irresponsible drivers of motor vehicles who are freely walking the streets of Bosnia at large. We are being bombarded in the media about the danger of dogs who are unable to defend themselves against the cruelty perpetrated upon them by the human beings who are not taking any responsibility for the current dilemma created by them, that is by not neutering or taking care of the dogs. If younger generations in this state are taught to resolve a problem by killing, then the question needs to be asked what sort of generation are we creating for the future, a wholly destructive one. And we don’t have to be surprised at the increasing rate of delinquency amongst youth which is one of the most threatening problems our society faces in Bosnia. Who is going to take the responsibility for developing a younger generation of Bosnians whom only know to solve problems with the use of violence and destructive behavior?

Euthanasia is most definitely not the way to resolve the problem. It is expensive and unethical and is not a long term solution to the current dilemma. It is a “quick fix” to a problem that needs to be taken more seriously if we are to see any success in the near future. Shelters and the use of euthanasia is not the solution to the problem. A shelter is meant to be a protection against exposure to harm according to the Oxford Dictionary. However in this case, a shelter shall serve as a vehicle to do harm, to contain the animal in order to kill it with greater ease.

The long term answer to the problem is for the owners of the animals to take full responsibility for its welfare. This welfare includes de-sexing, vaccinations and micro chipping of all dogs as the current law states. If people do not abide by this law they need to be dealt with accordingly, that is, significant fines needs to be imposed. At present, no people are being held accountable for their irresponsible actions towards animals who suffer tremendously as a result in Bosnia. Fining the perpetrators of animal cruelty would send a very strong ethical message to the general public that cruelty is not tolerated in a civilized society. Finances raised as a result could be used in Bosnia for the betterment of our state.

We appeal to you to use your influence to prevent the genocide of innocent stray animals. The only ethical solution is the implementation of the existing law on the protection and welfare of animals of BiH.

Yours faithfully,

Fr Anthony Burnside
Franciscan Monastery
80204 Tomislavgrad