Grey Beauty, einer unserer Schützlinge bei Pater Anthony, hat Krebs!

ACI ermöglicht ihr die Chemotherapie und wir sind guten Mutes, dass sie damit ihren Kampf gegen die Krankheit gewinnt.

Haltet ihr bitte die Daumen, und vielleicht finden wir sogar in Bälde ein gutes Zuhause für sie.

Hier die Zeilen vom Pater:

To supporters of ACI.

Our dear dear GREY GIRL was diagnosed by the vets from the faculty of veterinary science in Sarajevo with a tumor in her vagina, most likely CANINE TRANSMISSIBLE VENEREAL TUMOUR CTVT.

ACI supporters have made it possible for GREY GIRL to receive chemotherapy. Today she received her 2nd dose of chemotherapy. GREY GIRL senses that we are helping her and she is so grateful. Today the vet noticed that after one week of chemotherapy already the tumor is much smaller. THE THERAPY IS A SUCCESS.

GREY GIRL is a beautiful loving kind creature of God. She is such a gentle loving dog. We are hoping to find a loving home for her when she completes her 6 doses of chemotherapy.

Thank you ALL so much!

Love and peace, fra Tony