Oktober Spayaton 2017

ACI beteiligt sich auch dieses Mal wieder finanziell am großen “OCTOBER SPAYATHON“, den unsere Tierschutz-Partnerin und Freundin DIANA DIMOVA erneut in SLIVEN/ BULGARIEN organisiert und durchführt!

Bitte lest alle dazu die Mail von DIANA an ACI!

Sollte sich jemand von der großen ACI-Familie an den Geldspenden oder ebenfalls benötigten Sachspenden beteiligen und diese über das Internet bestellen, bitten wir um einen zuzüglichen Vermerk beim Absender. Schreibt also bitte – neben Eurem Namen – auch ACI dazu, damit Diana alles zuordnen kann.

Wir danken im Vorhinein im Namen der Streuner!

Dear friends,

October Spayathon is on its way and I am sending my e-mail as always asking for support. You know that apart from covering hotel bill and meals for the team that arrive in Bulgaria I also need some stuff for the venue. Luckily I agreed to use the same one as in March. I am very thankful to the Manager of the company that owns the building . Believe me it is not easy to convince someone to help for such cause .

Dates of Spaython October 6-8th Quota – 220 animals. My booking list is full only 3 days after I officially launched the booking campaign and I know many will be disappointed they were late but we have limit . So again a long waiting list. This speaks for itself enough.

We will have a team of 6 this time – 3 vet surgeons and 3 vet techs

One Volunteer from Norway Siri who also always collects donations for the surgeries ( at least for 50) and a volunteering guest from USA who is a member of the Managing committee of RAR Inc Dba ASNI will also join us . I will definitely seize the opportunity to talk to Suzy Gofredo Moris for training of 2 vets from Sliven in their Hope Center . If we have vets trained with the technique of key hole surgery and provided I can find financial support these surgeries can be done on regular basis throughout the year in between the Spayathons. The need of this service is huge especially for roaming cats , it is really a disaster around the garbage containers. Not that we don’t have the same problem with dogs but with working TNR program it is a bit better.

I won’t attach pictures of what I have to see daily and convince you that what I am doing is right, I know it with my heart. Important thing I need to say is that supporting me for this event is not a must, I just ask. You know the answer of unasked questions is always NO 🙂
You all will always be friends for me because to all of you on this e-mailing list I owe. As you can see there are only a few of you and always the same . Doris, feel free to forward this e-mail to any of the families who adopted our rescues who you think will be happy to help.

You will hereby find links to Amazon with stuff I need. Everyone willing and able to help( or maybe be friends you know) can chose any of the items and tell me how many he/she can buy. Then I can update everyone of you what already is ordered and what not. Some of the stuff I have but not enough as quantity . I usually try to find the cheapest offers but unfortunately many not to say most companies do not deliver to Bulgaria. Please watch the delivery date!

Just one thing- item in link V – the wire kennels I already have 12 donated in 2016 from Bozhko’s mom in Switzerland, Regine. You always see them on the pictures in recovery area I use them for cats. May be 4 more now will be enough as I also use them for small dogs in recovery. The item of this seller goes with a pillow this time . And item in link VI are separately pillows that will fit the kennels Regine already bought for us as they are the same size .This one is not urgent. SO far I use double blanket for bedding and then the disposable pads.

Should you have any questions let me know please!


Spayaton Diana