Spayathon im März 2017


Auch heuer findet wieder ein groß angelegter

SPAYATHON vom 24.- 27.3.17 in SLIVEN/ Bulgarien,
auf Initiative von DIANA, statt.

Sie hat es auch dieses Mal wieder geschafft, das Unmögliche möglich zu machen. ACI hat sich – wie gewohnt – an den Finanzierungskosten beteiligt und wünscht viel Erfolg!!

Dear Renate,
The money is on the bank account . Thank you from the bottom of my heart , you have always been my silent angel and I treasure this very much. I am quite busy now organizing the event as it is a lot of work but I promise to send you details when it is over. 3rd day since I officially launched the registration campaign and I have already booked 160 animals ! I am very proud as my efforts to change mentality of people and make them believe that sterilizations is the key to solving this huge problem works. It takes so much time but all efforts are worth the result.
With my very best