Spende für den kommenden Spayathon

Hier Auszüge einer Dankes-Mail von Diana
(anlässlich der Unterstützung im August seitens ACIs für das bevorstehende Kastrationsprojekt – Spayathon – im Oktober 2016)

Dear Renate!

Thank you so much for the donation!
You and ACI have helped me in times of trouble and not only. Our donations have always been extra to my monthly expenses who were covered until recently and all the money was used for good cause. I usually did spay surgeries or covered unexpected vet bills for expensive treatment. I used to support with food chained dogs in villa zone and feed many strays. With your support in March I payed the hotel bill of the vet team that came to Bulgaria for a Spayathon. All my great work (as you said) is impossible without such support. So it is OUR great work!

Right now I have worries trying to find decent venue for next Spayathon in October. The team confirmed they will come back in Bulgaria on 21-23rd with quota 200 animals to spay………
I am still refereed as crazy woman that has no husband and children and deals with muts…. I hate this word so much!!!

THANK you for always being thoughtful, it means a lot!
May it be and God help!

All my love,