UPDATE DIANA 18.4.2021, Bulgarien

DIANA bedankte sich am 6.4.21 bei ACI für die finanzielle Unterstützung zugunsten der STREUNER-KATZEN-KASTRATIONEN in Livno/Bulgarien.

Da die Situation mit Covid 19 noch immer den großen, zweimal jährlich stattfindenden großen „Hunde-Spayaton“ verhindert, versucht Diana, die Streuner-Katzen-Population durch Kastrationen auf einem niedrigen Niveau zu halten.

Hier dazu ihr Original-Text:

Dear Renate,

the money was on the bank account the following day. As always at the right time and supporting a worth cause. At this time of the season I am done with spay surgeries for females because I trapped as much as I could before it was too late.

Those in very advance pregnancy already gave birth and have to wait at least 1,5 – 2 months before I can spay them because of the kittens.

Then waiting the kittens to grew up and catch them….. no end and no solution unless people become more responsible or more of us do what I do.

Now I catch males much easier because they are not as smart as females and go into the trap quickly.

Thank you for never forgetting me and my cause, we do make a difference in this world , make life of these creatures a bit easier and mainly prevent lots of suffering.

With love and fondest regards from my side of the world.

Stay healthy and safe🍀🐾❤️