UPDATE DIANA 5.6.21, Bulgarien

ACI unterstützt – nach wie vor während Corona-Zeiten – Dianas wertvolle Arbeit, um durch Streuner-Katzen-Kastrationen ungewünschtes Leben zu verhindern.

Hier wieder ihr Dank an alle der großen ACI-Familie, die das ermöglichen.

Dear Renate,

what is important for me is to do the castrations all year round. 

Thank you to you , your sponsors and everyone who supports such initiatives because it is a good cause.  I do hope to welcome back the fantastic team of ASNI next year in Spring. Let us believe life will slowly come back to normal and we all will get our lives back.

Thank you for being always thoughtful and supportive, I appreciate it a lot.

Stay safe Renate and keep up the good work, the animals do need people who care.

With fondest regards,
Diana and all 4 paws