Herbergssuche 2012

Als der erste Wintereinbruch Konjic mit eisiger Hand und
riesigen Schneemengen umklammerte, schaffte es die tapfere Hundemama gerade noch ins Kloster zu Pater Anthony. Warm gebettet in Stroh  gebar sie 9 Junge:


Dearest Renate,

Please have a look at the pictures!!!

Thank you for helping me to give birth to my babies in the warmth of the monastery. These are my FIRST BABIES. This morning it was -10 in Konjic. If I had not have been accepted in the monastery I would have been forced to give birth to my babies in the snow like all the other stray dogs and my babies
would all be dead.

Thank you dearest Renate,

Love from a New and very greatful young Mum.

Ps I hope to meet you one day when fra Tony brings me to Vienna.