Dear supporters of ACI  and our animal welfare work here in Bosnia and Herzegovinia, 

Here are some pics of a TYPICAL scene in Bosnia and Hercegovina.  Poor poor dogs are kept on chains.

Poor poor MEDO was first put on the chain when he was only 7 weeks old. He was living near a house in which nobody was living. The man put him on the chain so that Medo would gaurd the house. POOR MEDO WAS NEVER TAKEN FOR A WALK AFTER THAT TIME. HE WAS ON THE SMALL CHAIN 24 HRS A DAY. Naturally the poor boy became very aggressive towards any dog or person who came near him. The horrible cruel person who put him on the chain also feared him and abused him with a piece of wood. Poor Medo was as thin as a rake.

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Rescuing 5 new puppies

Dear supporters of ACI  and our animal welfare work here in Bosnia and Herzegovinia,

Here are some pics of a scene in a typical Bosnian city like Konjic. 5 poor poor puppies were dumped in the carpark at the local soccer stadium. This area is not far from the Ivan pansion. The poor puppies were thrown out of a car without food or shelter. The miracle is that all 5 of them survived 10 days living on the streets in the snow and rain. Some people brought them some bread and a few bones to eat BUT NOBODY WAS INTERESTED in rescuing them. Fr Anthony drove to Konjic and rescued them with Siniša.  The poor babies were full of joy when we picked them up one by one and put them in the car and took them to the Ivan Pansion. We wormed them with Ivan and went and purchased food for them.

If we has not have rescued these puppies they would soon start to walk onto the main road and walk in the city of Konjic. At this point they would be hit and killed by a car or maltreated by humans, or even worse, POISONED TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our work is so difficult. Please help us.

Yours sincerely, Father Anthony


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Hilfe für Goga

Gogas Hunde im Hundelager in den Bergen Sarajevos leiden unter dem EXTREM-WINTER!

Von der Umwelt abgeschnitten, warten sie dringend auf Futter, um die Energiezufuhr zum Überleben in dieser Extrem-Situation weiterhin gewährleistet zu bekommen.

Kein Auto erreicht zurzeit das Lager!!

Goga muss den 3 km langen Weg tagtäglich zu Fuß bewältigen, vorbei an noch immer- im letzten Krieg- zerbombten, verlassenen Häusern. Ein Nachbar, ca. 1.5 km vom Lager entfernt, bringt ihr mit einem Traktor, den sie aber tagtäglich anmieten und bezahlen muss, das Futter. ACI übernimmt jahrein, jahraus einen Löwenanteil der Lagererhaltungskosten, nun aber ist nochmals Extra-Hilfe dringend nötig!!!

Wer seinen pers. Futter- Beitrag für Gogas Hunde leisten möchte, möge das bitte unter AT252011121177512201 tun!