Spayathon Oktober 2016

Spayathon_okt2016Wir gratulieren Diana zu der neuerlichen Realisation ihres Traumes und werden uns auch beim nächsten SPAYATHON  beteiligen!

Hier ihr Original- Text:

“If you wait until you can to do everything for everybody instead of doing something for somebody , you may end up doing nothing for nobody”


Spende für den kommenden Spayathon

Hier Auszüge einer Dankes-Mail von Diana
(anlässlich der Unterstützung im August seitens ACIs für das bevorstehende Kastrationsprojekt – Spayathon – im Oktober 2016)

Dear Renate!

Thank you so much for the donation!
You and ACI have helped me in times of trouble and not only. Our donations have always been extra to my monthly expenses who were covered until recently and all the money was used for good cause. I usually did spay surgeries or covered unexpected vet bills for expensive treatment. I used to support with food chained dogs in villa zone and feed many strays. With your support in March I payed the hotel bill of the vet team that came to Bulgaria for a Spayathon. All my great work (as you said) is impossible without such support. So it is OUR great work!

Right now I have worries trying to find decent venue for next Spayathon in October. The team confirmed they will come back in Bulgaria on 21-23rd with quota 200 animals to spay………
I am still refereed as crazy woman that has no husband and children and deals with muts…. I hate this word so much!!!

THANK you for always being thoughtful, it means a lot!
May it be and God help!

All my love,

Spayathon – März 2016

ACI erreichte diese Mail von “unserer” DIANA aus Bulgarien, die auch wir immer wieder unterstützen.

Seht Euch die Bilder vom SPAYATHON im März 2016 an!

222 Kastrationen….ein großer Schritt in die richtige Richtung!!!

Dear Renate,
I finally got the time to make an album with pictures from the Spayathon. I don’t have public activity on FB and all my post and albums are intended only for close friends who are several Bulgarian friends and all the rest families that have adopted my rescues. This is how I keep in touch with them. This link is visible even if you don’t have account on FB, I send it to you as I want you to know that your financial support always goes for a good cause. This time 222 animals spayed for 3 ½ days.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you trust me this means a lot. I hope to prove my work is worth your support. The text I wrote is all I believe in , this is how I see my cause, our cause. I have a dream to build a small but decent rescue, spay/neuter center on the plot where my rescues are. I work hard on making this patch a beautiful dog and cat land. It takes time and needs a lot of work but finally after two years the dogs have a decent lawn to play at.

This plot we bought with donations that Doris collected among friends and it means the world to me. This summer hopefully the plot will be walled as it has to be a safe place. I know someday real soon the spay/neuter center will be built and spay /neuter events will have permanent venue. When you have dream you just need to let it happen and this is exactly what I am going to do. I am here on this earth with purpose, I wish I had a normal life and I sometimes do envy people who never had my worries but then I look at my albums with rescued/ neutered, re homed creatures and I know all of it was worth.
Thank you for helping my dreams happen! God bless you and all your beloved !


>> Bericht auf Facebook

“If you wait until you can to do everything for everybody instead of doing something for somebody , you may end up doing nothing for nobody”

ACI unterstützt Kastrationsprojekt in Bulgarien

ACI hat das KASTRATIONSPROJEKT, das DIANA DIMOVA in bewundernswerter Weise in Bulgarien organisiert und durchgezogen hat, unterstützt!

Bitte lest ihr DANKESCHÖN auszugsweise im Original!


My dear friends,
It is never too late to say Thank you to someone, that helped you out in times of need.  The Spayathon was a huge success, as 222 animals were spayed, and they will never reproduce again. The most important for me is, that the dream team promised to come back in september, and I dare to believe from now on, such events will be held in my town twice a year – spring and fall. This means a lot to me, because enjoying the confidence of International charity is really important … Weiterlesen

Danke von Diana aus Bulgarien

Auch im Jahr 2015 hat Animal Care International Diana in BULGARIEN wieder mit finanzieller Unterstützung bedacht!

Hier ein Auszug aus Ihrer Dankesmail:

My dear all,
I wish you and your families Merry and Blessed Christmas Holidays and a Happy New 2016. May your days be filled with happiness and love!
Thank you to those who supported me through this year in my cause to fight for the rights of innocent stray animals and for the life of those injured and sick, without you I could never achieve. Weiterlesen

UPDATE 16.12.2014

ACI hat auch heuer wieder, zuletzt im Dezember 2014, Diana in ihrer aufopfernden Tierliebe finanziell unterstützt, damit sie auch weiterhin ihre wertvolle Tierschutztätigkeit zum Wohle der ärmsten der armen Tiere fortsetzen kann.

Alles Liebe und Gute für eine Frau, in deren Brust ein Löwenherz für die geschundenen und gejagten Streuner schlägt!

Hier die Zeilen von Diana, in denen sie sich für die Weihnachtspende von ACI herzlich bedankt.

Nur durch Kastrationen vor Ort könne man ihrer (und unserer) Meinung nach das Problem der Überpopulation von Streunern nachhaltig lösen, Vermittlungen und das Füttern allein wären nicht genug.

Original- Text:

Dear Renate,
Thank you for your Christmas wishes and for your generous donation. This money will not only fill dog’s and cat’s bowls it does much more than this. With your donations stray dogs and cats are being neutered as only feeding out poor fur friends in the streets and re homing some of them doesn’t help to solve the problem with the vast population of stray animals. Thank you for being thoughtful and concerned as always. Thank you for your support and for the great job you do fighting for the welfare of these innocent creatures .
Take care !

With fondest regards,